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Bioprom Company is a successful business in Greece, constantly expanding its activity abroad and showing a steady upward trend in more and more foreign markets.

The dynamic investments of the company, the continuous export of the products, the company’s ability to adapt directly to the special needs of each different market, have as a result a great corporate development. Bioprom already has a strong presence in Germany, Italy, France, Libya, Middle East and Cyprus.

The shipment of the company’s products is processed according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 (Thermal Sensitive Products-cold store sustainability) system.

A reliable and safe delivery of the goods is guaranteed through the thermal protection of the materials alongside the excellent cooperation of our company with popular transportation companies such as UPS, TNT and DHL. For each shipment we consult with our clients and we choose the most compatible and economical delivery way.

In order to develop furthermore our company, our future corporate goals are:

  1. To strengthen the recognition of our company’s brand in the neighboring regions. We would like to develop a strong and long-term presence in the medical field.
  2. To increase the demand for our special medical products in the domestic market as well as in the European market and the global market.